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In early January I received an amazing opportunity. On behalf of the Culpeper Baptist Church, Pastor Carlton commissioned a painting to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Church. I strove to put their vision on the canvas and this is the result.

“A highlight of Culpeper Baptist Church’s year-long celebration of our 250th anniversary was our Easter Service. A special moment in our service was the revealing of a colorful and moving depiction of our church’s inaugural Easter Service in 1774. We are eternally grateful to you, Alessandra, for your mesmerizing portrayal that revealed the religious passions shared in the very basic countryside conditions by the early Culpeper settlers. Your oil canvas is now framed and displayed in a prominent place in our church. A heartfelt thank you, Alessandra, for sharing your artistic ministry as you touch the souls of our community today, during the year-long celebration of our legacy, and for the next 250 years, or more.”
                                           Dan Carlton, Pastor
                                   Culpeper Baptist Church

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